The Best Panda Gifts for Kids

Pandas are adorable furry creatures known for their peaceful and docile nature. Panda gift items are just as adorable as well. Here’s a specially handpicked list of the best panda gifts for kids available at We Love Pandas! 

Panda books- Let your kids learn about these amazing animals through educational panda books from National Geographic. Children can read about the panda’s habitat, behavior, and everything else they need to know about these grass-loving creatures. National Geographic’s “Mission: Panda Rescue” book also teaches kids about the dangers pandas face and conservation efforts to save and protect them. Not only will kids enjoy an interactive learning process, but they will also be informed about what they can do to help pandas.

Panda money box- At a young age, children should learn about the importance of saving money. Gift your kids with an adorable money box toy that features a little panda peeking out of the box. This battery-operated devices definitely makes saving money more fun!

Panda school supplies- Make study time more interesting with panda-inspired school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, cases, keychains, and mouse pads. 

Panda toys- The Smithsonian E-Z Build Puzzle museum-quality 3D puzzle is both fun and educational. It is made of durable plastic pieces that perfectly interlock together to create a stunning panda replica. This also comes with information on pandas and conservation statistics. BePuzzled 3D Crystal Puzzle is a similar item. Panda toys like these help develop the minds of young children, enhancing their cognitive faculties and allowing them to understand basic body parts. Pandas are cuddly animals, and so are panda toys. Yesbears offers a giant stuffed animal that stands at 5 feet tall. It is guaranteed to give big warm hugs! If you’re looking for a smaller one, then the Miyoni panda plush toy from Aurora World is the perfect gift. Both panda toys are made from fine, quality materials and are irresistibly huggable! These panda toys can also be enjoyed by anyone aged 12 and up. 

Panda home décor- Add character to your kid’s room using vibrant panda pillows and bedding sets. La Mejor provides a quality bedding set that comes in different colors and sizes. Young girls will love the cute pink panda bedding set from Zhiyuan. The items are made from high quality cotton and polyester, making them warm, soft, and breathable. Not only will these add a splash of color to the room, but will also give kids a good night’s sleep. A selection of panda mugs can also make a great gift for kids. These mugs feature carefully hand-painted details. They are made from quality materials and safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave and are perfect for milk and hot chocolate!

Panda jewelry- Panda jewelry pieces are also a great gift option for kids and adults. These elegantly crafted pieces are made from top-grade materials that can be worn in almost any occasion, whether formal or casual. The collection includes a Swarovski crystal pin brooch, pendants, earrings and necklaces. 


These are just some of our best panda gifts options for kids. They are all affordable, durable and will be greatly appreciated.

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